​​​​Preservation Recommendations

In my book, Preserving Family Memories, I recommend a wide products and services. I have bought and used these products and services, so my reviews of them are honest. I mention the ones I like and ones I did not like.

I break down my recommendations by where they appear in my book, organized by chapter. If while reading the book you want more information about an item I talk about, go to that chapter. Items appear in the same order as in the chapter listed under the corresponding headings.

Full disclosure: I am affiliated with many of the providers of the products and services listed. This means if you click a link and end up purchasing something, I get a small commission.

Ch. 1
D is for
Ch. 2
O is for
Ch. 3
T is for
Ch. 4
A is for
Audio & Visual
Ch. 5
G is for
Ch. 6
E is for

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