​​​​About Me

I'm a Reader First

I’ve read more than one thousand books. While I haven’t kept a list like Art Garfunkel (he’s read 1,181 books since 1968), I know I’ve purchased almost 1,200 digital books on Amazon. Before Amazon, I purchased hundreds of books from local bookstores. And I can’t count how many books from the library I've read. My reading has included topics like information technology (IT), business operations, leadership, travel and lots and lots of fiction. I love thrillers of any kind. From mystery to political to military and spy to psychological. Occasionally I read some horror, like Stephen King. And I like historical fiction, too. Another favorite author is Erik Larson. His brand of narrative nonfiction is too engaging to pass up!

Madeline and Paul with Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctica

My Writing

What makes me qualified to write? Reading a lot helps any author. So does personal and professional experience. And I have a lot of experience. I graduated from one of the first information technology graduate programs in the country. I’ve worked in IT my whole career. I’ve worked in leadership at all levels of major corporations and as a consultant with international concerns. Throughout my career I’ve constantly educated myself to keep up to date with an ever-changing technological landscape.


I write nonfiction. At the moment, my books are works in progress. Below are the working titles of the books on which I’m currently working.

Preserving Family Memories:

  • How to preserve your physical memories in the digital world
  • How to backup and secure your digital data

Lessons Learned from a CIO: Best practices to help IT leaders succeed

Blog Building 101: Everything you need to know to create a world-class blog

100 Places You Need to Visit in the World: Curated experiences based on my around-the-world travels to all seven continents

My Journey as an Author: The ins and outs of writing your first book


In addition to writing books, I also write three blogs.

Go Go 2 Slow Go: A travel blog for older travelers

Preserving Family Memories:

  • How to preserve your physical memories in the digital world
  • How to backup and secure your digital data

PAK Systems: A blog about IT and business leadership on my consulting company's website

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Other Websites


I've written hundreds of reviews on TripAdvisor. If you're looking for a short, concise review of a restaurant, hotel or attraction, check them out.


Have a question? On any subject? Quora users have your answer. I write mostly about travel here. But if I come across a question I can answer, I do.


I've written a few posts for my LinkedIn profile. I admit I'm not very active on Linked In, but I occasionally write some pieces on leadership and business here. And I'll share other posts I find helpful.

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